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Nobler LOW-E Glass(Low Emissivity Glass), is the energy-efficient glass which is coated with one or more layers of metallic oxides and other compounds. It is produced in the vacuum sputtering process. This coating have low thermal conductivity, reduce the heat loss or gain, and manipulate light.

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Low e glass, solar control glass, low emissivity glass

Type of LOW-E Glass

1 Online LOW-E glass(hard coated LOW-E Glass), is manufactured during production with a thin metallic oxide layer, effectively welding it to the hot glass surface. This process bring a extremely durable hard coat.

2 Offline LOW-E glass(soft coated LOW-E Glass). The coating is applied to the glass which have been formed. The quality glass enters a vacuum chamber which is full of inert gas. In the vacuum chamber, the metal molecules sputter on the glass surface, formed soft-coat.

There are single silver LOW-E glass, double silver LOW-E glass and triple silver LOW-E glass. All have many layers on the glass surface, inside the silver layer plays an important role on the performance.


1 Superior efficiency in energy saving. LOW-E Glass helps to reduce heat gain or loss, have an excellent energy-saving performance.

2 Excellent thermal performance. Compared to normal glass, LOW-E glass could reduce the heat around 30% which is conducted through glass. For double glazed windows, with LOW--E coating and proper frame, compared to 3mm standard glass, it can stop up to 70% heat loss and 77% of heat gain.

3 Good optical performance.LOW-E glass have high transparent to visible light, could avoid the glare problems and light pollution, which caused by the reflection.

4 Achieve a desired comfortable house. LOW-E glass can reach the required technique parameters, such as required SHGC(solar heat gain coefficient),U-Value, and visible light transmittance, bring a comfortable room.


With more and more people pay attention to the energy conservation and enviromental protection, LOW-E glass will be widely used in construction, windows and doors, curtain walls and facades, skylights and so on.


Glass Thickness: 4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm,etc

Glass Colors: Clear/Ultra Clear/Blue/Green,etc

Glass Size:2440mm×1830mm/3300mm×2140mm/3300mm×2250mm/3300mm×2440mm,etc

Type of LOW-E Glass: Offline soft LOW-E/Online hard coating LOW-E/Single silver LOW-E glass/Double silver LOW-E Glass/Triple silver LOW-E glass

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