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Nobler Insulated Glass(Insulating Glass or IGU), consists of two or more glass panels, which separated by a spacer and sealed around the edges by butyl glue,sulfur glue or structural sealant. The hollow part between glass panels can be filled with dry air or inert gas(such as Argon).

Nobler Insulated glass is the most effective way to reduce heat transmission through the glass panels. Especially made of LOW-E glass or reflective glass. IGU become the first choice to meet the requirement of energy saving and enviroment protection.

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Insulated glass, IGU,curtain wall double glazing


1 Excellent energy saving. Because of the low heat conductivity properties, insulated glass can reduce the energy exchange between inside and outside, then it can save energy by 30%~50%.

2 Superior heat insulation. The hollow part between glass panels is a closed space, and it is dried with desiccant, can reduce the heat transmission through the glass panels, then bring the superior heat insulation effect.

3 Good sound insulation. Nobler insulated glass have better sound insulation performance, could reduce noise to 45db.

4 Condensation resistant. The desiccant between glass panels can absorb moisture content, to ensure the hollow part space is dry and no frost on glass.

5 Rich color tones and more aesthetic sense. Insulated glass could be produced according different color requirements, to reach more aesthetic sense.


Windows, doors, curtain wall, skylights

Hotel, office building,schools, hospitals, shops, library

Other place where need to reach the effect of energy saving, heat insulation,, sound insulation,etc.


Glass type: Clear Glass/Extra Clear Glass/LOW-E glass/Tinted Glass/Reflective Glass


Spacer Thickness: 6mm/9mm/12mm/16mm/19mm,etc

Filled Gas: Air/Vacuum/Inert Gas(Argon,etc)

Size: According request

Maximum size:12000mm×3300mm

Minimum size: 300mm×100mm

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